Waste Haulage & Disposal

Premier are expert in the speedy, cost-effective removal and disposal of waste materials from construction, excavation and demolition sites. We provide a complete muckaway and removal service for all types of construction waste.

We can provide project management, comprehensive onsite management and removal methods to ensure the minimum disruption to your site. Our team will assess all technical data, site investigations and chemical analysis for your site. We offer a full breakdown of the waste classifications and can provide the most cost-effective solution to deal with your waste through a range of approved disposal facilities

If your site requires the removal of any soils or materials prior to construction commencing we can provide a waste analysis report and remove all waste including any hazardous materials.

Soil testing and reporting

Our team of soil specialists can provide for a site investigation to be carried out to assess and classify the waste soils to be removed to include for a segregation and/or remediation strategy should this be required. The reporting of this investigation would include proper Waste Classification using current legislation and guidelines to ensure appropriate disposal facilities are utilised along with the Waste Hierarchy.


We are a fully compliant licensed waste carrier/broker and also ensure our WAMITAB holders are up to date with Continuing Compliance. Whatever the size of the project, we handle waste in line with current legislation, adhering to EA guidelines and with the correct duty of care. All waste is categorised and disposed of at an appropriately licenced site, legally and in accordance with the Waste duty of care: code of practice issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (the EPA) and the Waste Hierarchy. All our processes are compliant with EA requirements including the preparation and administration of the relevant EA consignment notes. We ensure we are up to date with the latest EA regulations which are constantly changing.

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