Planning and environmental compliance

We are experienced in liaising with regulatory authorities and operating within the parameters required to meet environmental impact regulations to acquire permitting for site operations.

We understand local planning constraints and how to meet the criteria to obtain planning permission, ensuring compliance with health & safety requirements and successful outcomes in testing and verification to ensure operations are undertaken legally and run as smoothly as possible.

Technical compliance

    • Full ‘Duty of Care’ is put in place to ensure the validity of the source of imported materials

    • Insurance for all engineering works and loss of work continuity

    • Planning permission for necessary improvements works to site haul road and new traffic systems to ensure vehicular movements are sustainable

Operational requirements

    • A qualified civil engineer has a presence at each site to ensure the project is delivered according to plan and regulations

    • A traffic specialist ensures the project meets road infrastructure and highways access requirements

    • Plant and machinery is inspected daily to ensure it can be operated and adjusted safely

    • We use fully trained and certified plant operators

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