Land Regeneration

The Premier Soil Solutions team have a proven track record of designing and implementing end-to-end solutions for the regeneration, restoration and refurbishment of environmentally degraded land to more productive uses, including leisure and sporting facilities, improved agricultural land and property developments.

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of experts comprising inhouse specialists, consultants and advisers take a creative and innovative approach to combine design with technical skills to deliver the optimal solution. The team’s experience incorporates aggregates, soil disposal, architecture and planning expertise, civil engineering, environmental consultancy and geotechnical consultancy.

Each project is individual and we deliver a bespoke solution for optimising the site to realise its full potential whilst promoting environmentally sustainable land development practices and processes. This includes meeting the carbon credits requirements now required under the Environmental Bill.

We deliver projects involving remodelling, reprofiling, restoration, bund building, landscaping and planting of new trees using appropriate soils and fill for each project that are validated to be fit for purpose.

Types of projects we undertake

  • Reprofiling of agricultural land to improve its farmability and reinstate it
  • Noise and light pollution screening for new property developments and farmland
  • Reprofiling of parkland
  • Creation of natural burial grounds
  • Creation and enhancement of new or existing leisure and sporting facilities – golf courses, polo pitches, shooting grounds

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