Contaminated Soils

Premier can remove non-hazardous and hazardous contaminated soils and remediate land that has previously been used as an industrial site or where there has been a recent spillage of oil, bleach or other hazardous chemicals. We can remediate land which has been damaged by fly tipping or is an old landfill.

Before contaminated soils can be removed a soil analysis report is required.

Soil testing and reporting

To gauge the level of contamination in the soil and the area and depth of the soil affected, we use a team of dedicated soil specialists to provide a soil analysis report which will detail the amount of contamination across the area.

Soil remediation

To remediate the soil so it can be reused we transport it to a specialist soil treatment facility which employs various treatments for a broad range of contaminants.


We are licensed to undertake the haulage and disposal of any harmful waste. All our processes are compliant with EA requirements including the preparation and administration of the relevant EA consignment notes.

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