Fully certified and accredited construction waste specialists, aggregates suppliers and experts in land restoration solutions

Fully certified and accredited construction waste specialists

Efficient, environmentally responsible, compliant and cost-effective removal and disposal services for soils and waste materials from construction, excavation and demolition sites nationwide.

Expert removal of hazardous materials and controlled waste

Safe and efficient removal and disposal of contaminated soils, demolition rubble, asbestos and invasive weeds e.g. Japanese knotweed to an authorised waste site following the correct 'duty of care'.

Aggregates suppliers

Brokers and carriers for high-quality aggregates nationwide, including crushed concrete, sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete, geosynthetic aggregates.

Expert land regeneration solutions

Design and implementation of solutions for the regeneration, restoration and refurbishment of environmentally degraded land to create leisure and sporting facilities, improved agricultural land and property developments.

Our target is Zero waste to Landfill

Our aim is to avoid disposing of waste to landfill by recycling and reuse
  • by using environmentally approved waste disposal outlets which introduce materials back into manufacturing and construction.
  • by delivering soil and materials directly to a land restoration project.
  • by soil remediation where soil is transported to specialist soil treatment facilities which employ various methods to improve the quality of the soil for repurposing.
Almost all the waste soils we collect are recycled and reused in land regeneration projects. In a very small number of circumstances reuse, recycling or treatment is currently not a viable option so we have to take other measures.  

About us

Premier Material Supplies Limited have been established for 25-years and have a wealth of experience in material handling, land regeneration solutions and construction waste haulage to support the construction industry. We are fully certified and accredited by the Environment Agency to handle all kinds of waste, including hazardous waste and contaminated soils.

Benefits to our customers

  • We maximise the recycling and reuse of materials which can be more cost-effective for our customers i.e. no landfill disposal costs, potentially delivers a return.
  • By avoiding disposing of waste to landfill our customers’ can include this in their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • We deliver compliant solutions and provide appropriate documentation in line with the latest EA regulations and Permits to support our customers’ compliancy objectives and sustainability credentials.
  • Our robust measurement and reporting system provides documentation to support customers’ duty of care.
  • Our wealth of experience means we can advise on the most cost and time efficient ways to deal with construction waste.

Take advantage of our competitive rates for waste removal, soil removal and muck away call 01784 472 244

Premier are brokers for high-quality aggregates nationwide, including crushed concrete, sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete, geosynthetic aggregates.

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